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Real-time Soil Moisture & Fertlilizer activity Management tracking probes.

  • Any crop

    (Irrigated & Rain-fed)

  • Any irrigation system

  • Resin-filled

  • SDI-12 or RS-485

  • 125mm (5”) to 1500mm (60”) depth

  • Absolute EC measurement

Soil Moisture Probes



Capacitance based Moisture Measurement

The Tribus V1 soil moisture probe is the latest in the soil moisture probe range from TriBus and uses electrical capacitance technology.


EC Probe

Patented absolute EC measurement

EC Probe can be deployed on any crop and any irrigation system. It is a resin-filled, protected probe with a very robust outer sleeve. The probe has a diameter of 37mm and offers the biggest sphere of influence in its class.



To understand the nutritional status of the plant and make decisions in real time, we will integrate the plant's sap with what is provided in the emitter and what is in the soil (suction probes), together with the data from our patented NUTRISENS™ sensors, the first sensor in the world that measures nitrate and potassium in the soil.


TriBus LLC is a start-up soil moisture & fertilizer activity tracking probe company and offers state of the art soil moisture management technology to optimize the application of irrigation water and track fertilizer activity in various agricultural industries and landscaping segments, worldwide. The technology includes the latest in electrical capacitance and inductance based probe hardware.