To understand the nutritional status of the plant and make decisions in real time, we will integrate the plant's sap with what is provided in the emitter and what is in the soil (suction probes), together with the data from our patented NUTRISENS™ sensors, the first sensor in the world that measures nitrate and potassium in the soil.


DIAGNOSIS AT THE FARM: This is done with the sap and data from plant sensors, climate, soil moisture and soil nutrition (nitrate and potassium) and other analytical data.

DECISION AT THE FARM: The results of a decision to change the fertigation dosage and/or composition of the mixture, can be monitored and verified the same day.

ON-LINE MONITORING: Once a change in the fertigation mixture/dosage has been implemented, the impact and evolution of the data recorded by the NutriSens™ sensor can be monitored in real-time on your smartphone/PC.


  • Integration of remote sensing data & analytics
  • Local & forecasted weather data
  • Spot checks of SAP and Suction probe analysis.
  • Soil moisture & dendrometer data
  • Real-time NutriSens™ data
  • Training & Consultancy.

SAP Analysers


The standard kit consists of the following items:

  • 1 x SAP Extractor (VERDE SMART)
  • 3 x Suction probes (roots & drainage area)
  • 1 x Potassium analyzer (HORIBA)
  • 1 x Nitrate analyzer (HORIBA)
  • 1 x Dendrometer (PLANTSENS)
  • 1 x NUTRISENS™ nutrition sensor for the root zone and 1 x NUTRISENS™ for the drainage area below the root zone
  • Telemetry Logger,
  • Soil moisture probe
  • Climate sensors.
  • On-line or on-site training.


  • Sap Analysis
  • Soil moisture monitoring
  • Suction probes
  • Nutrient Analyzers
  • Dendrometer (PlantSens) data,
  • Climate data
  • Training