Moisture Probe

Capacitive based Moisture Measurement

The Tribus V1 soil moisture probe is the latest in the soil moisture probe range from TriBus and uses electrical capacitance technology.

The TriBus V1 probe is specifically designed for real-time soil moisture management and irrigation scheduling.  The TriBus V1 probe is a typical profile soil moisture probe consisting of a column or shaft hosting one to ten measuring levels.

It can be connected to any compatible SDI-12 telemetry device and can therefore be deployed as a continuous logging soil moisture probe offering near real-time data. Data can easily be displayed in compatible soil moisture management software.

It can be deployed on all irrigation systems, such as:

  • Centre pivots
  • Micro irrigation
  • Drip irrigation
  • Flood surface irrigation
  • It is also particularly well suited for crops like pastures or sugarcane where a sub-surface probe is preferred.

Standard features are:

  • Probe length options of 100 mm to 1,500 mm (4” to 60”)
  • A sensor for each 100mm or 4” up to 10 sensors. The sensors are preconfigured with fixed increments along the probe shaft to match crop requirement (up to 10 sensors are possible).
  • Probe diameter is 32mm.
  • SDl-12 communication interface is standard but RS232 is available on